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 ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys

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MessageSujet: ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys   ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys Icon_minitimeVen 18 Déc - 15:47

ToySoul 2015 Officially Started! CA: CW Collectibles Unveiled!

ToySoul 2015 has officially started today in Hong Kong! Hot Toys is excited to once again participate in this exhibition and present a wide array of collectibles from the newly released Star Wars: The Force Awakens and upcoming Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War and DC Comics’ Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016!
Hot Toys is very excited to be one of the first to unveil the collectible figures of many fans’ favorite heroes in Marvel’s upcoming Captain America: Civil War!
Accompanied by the two highly detailed life-size statues of Captain America and Iron Man Mark XLVI by Hot Toys at our booth, the 1/6th scale prototypes of team Captain America and team Iron Man are making their world premiere at the event! Also, Hot Toys has prepared Captain America: Civil War Cosbaby Bobble-Heads and Artist Mix Collectible Bobble-Heads that will surely delight fans of adorable miniature collectibles!
Furthermore, the prototypes of the 1/6th scale Mark VII (Open Armor Version), Mark XV, and the 1/4th scale Mark XLII are shown for the first time worldwide for Iron Man fans to enjoy!
Also, we are very excited to officially unveil the 1/6th scale collectible figure and Cosbaby of many fans’ favorite Merc with a Mouth Deadpool based on the upcoming 2016 Deadpool movie!
ToySoul 2015 will run until Dec 20, so Hot Toys fans remember to come to Hot Toys’ booth to see all the great collectibles we have prepared for you!

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 12366448_10153213260677344_3791928735695765211_n

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 12342365_10153213260202344_5386816439017846413_n

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 735046_10153213260232344_569161401558790068_n

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 12356970_10153213260682344_8709865814765705635_o

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 1918983_10153213259902344_8500093258243129442_n

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 10389135_10153213260012344_4984619165892959609_n

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 1911915_10153213259977344_6587011878541950667_n

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 12373191_10153213260082344_2668599537699274407_n

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 12391414_10153213259982344_8873514522528231234_n

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 12391896_10153213259892344_5978267598498655326_n

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 12391334_10153213260107344_915417629890767165_n

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 12347745_10153213259897344_4375133830791353638_n

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 537155_10153213260147344_4174168860749882305_n

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 10425483_10153213260267344_8233417349759588455_n

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 12363153_10153213260382344_3320128586814493238_o

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 1277900_10153213260322344_2366393187124741698_o

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 12369052_10153213260492344_7250915861671910925_n

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 12365890_10153213260482344_7899070453455525631_o

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 1526573_10153213260372344_6840808175924872057_n

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 10548167_10153213260597344_5271279606363366943_o

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 10342508_10153213260587344_2449522764939904778_n

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 12377682_10153213260517344_2709385690908690835_o

ToySoul 2015 - BvS: Dawn of Justice Collectibles Revealed

The hype for the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice continues at Hot Toys’ booth at ToySoul 2015!
One of the most attention-grabbing collectibles is none other than the most spectacular and movie-accurate 1/6th scale Batmobile! Measuring at 110cm (43”) long, the Batman v Superman : L’aube de la Justice Batmobile is shown in full glory with its highly detailed exterior and interior design, and incredible paint applications!
A highly detailed life-size statue of the imposing Armored Batman by Hot Toys is also at the event and is a big photo attraction point for any visitors!
In addition to the newly unveiled 1/6th scale Armored Batman and Batman (Apocalypse Version) collectible figures, the latest prototypes of the recently announced 1/6th scale Batman and Superman collectible figures are also making theirs first exhibition appearance worldwide! The prototypes will continue to be updated and be the most movie-accurate that many fans love to see in Hot Toys’ collectibles!
Batman fans should not miss this great chance to see all the remarkable Batman v Superman : L’aube de la Justice collectibles by Hot Toys at the event!

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 12375180_10153213305752344_8431367570959658505_o

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 12362726_10153213304577344_5004006003891210557_o

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 12365900_10153213305742344_8586083736329953586_o

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 12363166_10153213305642344_4834997484041196688_o

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 1899952_10153213305452344_8893139553455404692_n

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 12391306_10153213304582344_103152435489172560_n

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 12362671_10153213305427344_5248848516317551056_o

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 12371207_10153213305482344_9030169447831334828_o

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 12359834_10153213304562344_3452149780312595346_n

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 1934055_10153213305657344_8456689780833971422_n

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 12363069_10153213305632344_7362787754801157500_o

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 12366071_10153213305732344_1866961947434124487_o

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 10269200_10153213305652344_8511141762603856935_o

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 10286899_10153213305467344_6414676599312553306_o

ToySoul 2015 - Star Wars Features

In celebration of Star Wars: The Force Awakens hitting theatres worldwide, Hot Toys has prepared a number of collectible figures based on this exciting film at ToySoul 2015! One of the biggest highlights is the First Order Stormtrooper life-size statue where fans can enjoy seeing the details of the new Stormtrooper armor in person.
The highly detailed prototype of the movie’s main character Finn featuring likeness of John Boyega is also officially unveiled at the event along with Daisy Ridley's Rey and the lovable BB-8! The dark warrior Kylo Ren and the menacing First Order troopers are also at the event and make their presence known.
In addition to movie-accurate 1/6th scale collectible figures, the Star Wars: The Force Awakens series Cosbaby Bobble-Heads are also revealed at the event! Their adorable yet stylish appearances have captured many fans’ attention!
The event will run until Dec 20, so Star Wars fans don’t miss the chance to come to our booth to check out all the great Star Wars collectibles. May the Force be with you.

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 12377905_10153213327477344_3607595799928549590_o

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 12360256_10153213284327344_385025793727455445_n

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 12377964_10153213284432344_2461420911405093414_o

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 12366202_10153213284392344_4686575748001804553_n

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 12373311_10153213284337344_9118010150400146093_n

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 12391402_10153213327472344_2174094689685515647_n

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 12369151_10153213284457344_6253453820165240198_n

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 12371183_10153213327462344_7491166130149326219_o

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 10277427_10153213284317344_4602351597687582437_n

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 11235384_10153213284562344_5564308093301129486_o

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 12369018_10153213284422344_4678203306586294611_n

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 12356882_10153213284567344_94265209862103603_o

ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys 884595_10153213284522344_8603788176678964035_o
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MessageSujet: Re: ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys   ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys Icon_minitimeMar 3 Mai - 16:13

Pour ma part toutes les batman me font de l'oeil lol! j'adore le costume du film je pense me le faire drunken drunken drunken ( pas l'armure mais l'autre )
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ToySoul 2015 Hot Toys
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