Unique Toys Y-03 Sworder (Sandstorm)

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MessageSujet: Unique Toys Y-03 Sworder (Sandstorm)   Unique Toys Y-03 Sworder (Sandstorm) Icon_minitimeMer 1 Juin 2016 - 0:36

Unique Toys and their alter ego DX9 are developing a solid reputation for getting triplechanging transforming characters right for the most part. While they don’t always nail all modes, chances are you’ll get a very high quality, enjoyable figure which displays beautifully in at least 2 modes out of 3. Their Provider, Chigurh and Gewalt are all superb figures that we have reviewed here and thoroughly enjoyed. Now they’ve taken a shot at one of the heroic variety, with Y-03 Sworder representing the 1986 triplechanger hero whose orange, yellow and black colours have become his identity.

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Unique Toys Y-03 Sworder (Sandstorm) 2cbl9z

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Unique Toys Y-03 Sworder (Sandstorm)
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